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House Construction

A home is very special to the owner irrespective of the size of the house. Building own house is a once in a life time goal for many and hence it has to satisfy each and every aspect of the owners wishes. We at Sakthi Builders understand this well and build homes to last a life time. We use the best materials, latest designs, professional team to create a master piece in every project we undertake. We take care of all necessary approvals viz., power, water, environment and sewage so that owners can continue to be focused on their other commitments. If you have a land to build, a house to reconstruct, an apartment to redevelop Sakthi Builders are the right choice. We are trustworthy, patient, flexible and committed in all our undertakings.

"A satisfied customer is a marketing resource"
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Commercial Construction

Commercial buildings comes in all kinds of sizes and shapes depending on the location, availability of land and regulatory clearances. It varies from a shop, cluster of shops, office spaces, marriage halls, theatres and factories. We at Sakthi Builders have the expertise to cater to all these segments. Site surveys, measurements,, clearances and approvals are the main factors which determines the project. Using quality materials, zero deviation, budget conscious and on time handover are our major strength.

"Spaces that sell"
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Architectural Design

A perfect design is half the work done. We have architects to help design the project to include all the features of customer. A key aspect is space saving and maximum utilization of available space. We take in to consideration the aesthetics, vaastu aspects, green spaces, sustainable products in all our designs. We have built modern, traditional and contemporary residences each requiring different design approach to address the specific need and look. We use the latest tools and softwares to create 2D and 3D models for clients to preview the final outcome. Our designers can help in improving clients ideas with suggestions based on the style, colour, materials to be used to get the maximum results.

"Your ideas, Our designs"
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Compound Wall Construction

We specialize in constructing compound walls of any size. For a layman the compound wall is a plain mundane structure without any features. But a compound wall can enhance or degrade the elevation of a building. We have a variety of solutions for designing the compound wall to suit the aesthetic of the building. The wall has to be sturdy and longstanding. Common problems of a poorly constructed compound wall are cracks and a part of the stretch leaning to one side. We treat the wall as an integral component of the entire structure within. We at Sakthi Builders build walls that last.

"Walls that holds"
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Structural Design

Structural design is a key aspect of any building irrespective of the size. Key factors of a strong structure are soil, location and weather. The structural design determines the longevity, rigidity and strength of the building. We at Sakthi Builders involve professional structural designers in each project. Our structural engineers analyze the project and recommend the use of different aspects of the components starting with placement of columns, basements, type of contstruction materials to be used, position of beams, staircases, lifts, OTS, etc., which help in building a stronger and lasting structure.

"Structures are the bones and muscles, we know how to nourish them!"